EMERGE is full for 2016-2017!  We are having a fantastic time and i have every intention of running this group each school year.  Join my email newsletter list if you'd like to stay informed of the 2017-2018 Emerge group!!


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...is a program designed just for you. For parents who have invested all of their emotional energy into their hurting kids; kids who came into your lives after having been through things we can hardly comprehend.  And years later you don't even know yourself anymore. You might feel hollow.  Hopeless. Overwhelmed.  

We are going to meet twice a month at 1705 W. Koenig 78756 (central Austin) from September 2016 through May 2017.  Interested?  Catch all the details about this opportunity to rediscover yourself by CLICKING HERE.  

**CTATC is comprised of independently practicing licensed therapists.  CTATC does not provide any clinical services or any other service that requires a clinical license.  All services are provided exclusively by the independent therapists. CTATC does not employ or contract with therapists.