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Please contact Robyn at if you are interested in hosting a workshop.  All of our therapists have experience conducting trainings and workshops for parents and professionals.  

To learn more about inviting Robyn to speak to your organization or at your event, please visit her website  Robyn also offers webinars!  You can learn about upcoming webinars by visiting

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Past workshops have included:

Robyn presenting at the 2014 Regulate, Refuel, and Reconnect Conference hosted by CTATC.

Robyn presenting at the 2014 Regulate, Refuel, and Reconnect Conference hosted by CTATC.

Keeping Kids Calm and Confident: Resiliency after Hard Moments  Parents always have their radar up after their child goes through something like 9-11, moving due to a hurricane, or a death or divorce in the family.  But what about the smaller hard moments that may impact our children more than we expected?  Things like dog bites, stitches, tonsillectomies, bullies, fender-benders, falling off the monkey bars, or losing their favorite baby-sitter?  There are lots of things parents can do before, during, and after life's hard moments in order to help our kids thrive.

Trauma Doesn't Tell Time Based on the popular article of the same name (Trauma Doesn't Tell Time) this workshop helps parents, professionals, and caregivers develop a new understanding of physiology of trauma and why kids can still be triggered even years after the trauma.  

Self Regulation for Children & Their Parents by Suzette Lamb.  This workshop will provide an insight into how the physiology of children and their parents can impact behaviors and relationships.  Participants will learn easy-to-use games, strategies, and techniques that they can implement in any environment to help themselves and their children be mindful of their regulation levels and to alter them to improve attention, decrease anxiety, and improve attunement in the child/parent dyad.

Misbehavior or Dysregulation? by Suzette Lamb.  This workshop helps professionals through at children's difficult or maladaptive behaviors through the lens of dysregulation, and offers tools and strategies to bring children back into regulation without punishment, threats, or behavior modification techniques.  These ideas will be useful in the therapy room and also help therapists support parents with managing their children's behaviors at home.  

Introduction to TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention)

The Impact of Attachment/Developmental Trauma presented at Helping Hand Home

Looking In to Move On: Examining our Own Adult Attachment Styles

Healing Preverbal Trauma & Loss

Preparing Children for Adoption

How to Talk About the Hard Truths of Adoption

Attaching After Adoption, at the Crossroads of American Adoption Conference

Behaviors in Adopted Children, at the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference

Introduction to Attachment, at the Travis County Domestic Relations Office

Navigating Openness in a Relative Adoption at an Adoption Knowledge Affiliates conference

The Home Field Advantage: Making Family Centered Home Visits

Are Adoption Issues Impacting Your Play Therapy Client?

Attaching After Adoption: Practical Tips for Infants to Teens

Beyond A Safety Assessment: Clinical Issues in Kinship Care

Kinship Caregiver Assessments: The Nuts & Bolts

Building Attachments: Strengthening the Bond with Your Foster or Adopted Child

Signs and Symptoms of PTSD After Childbirth, at the Get Babied Doula Cooperative, Austin, TX    

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